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Capability Statement

With years of successful logistics management behind us, our clients have entrusted the dedicated team at Logistics On Track to manage the logistics around the delivery of some unique freight. When you are looking for a company you can depend upon to get the job done and make sure every detail is attended to in moving your special freight, Logistics On Track is the perfect choice.

Our extensive capabilities, flexibility and our ability to adapt our structure and operations to meet market imperatives has allowed us to create specific client based support structures that provide cost effective supply chains within our industry base, which includes:

  • Metals/Steel Handling: Certified to Handle & Transport Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials, Ensuring Proper Packing/Unpacking, Labelling, Cargo Segregation & Transportation. We ensure that your metal or steel manufacturing operations run smoothly with our steel transportation and logistics services.
  • Managing the logistics involved in several major retail product recalls. This type of project involves moving tens of thousands of pallets to multiple locations nationally, coordinating with a variety of stakeholders, and meeting time and budget targets;
  • Moving Army tanks around Australia;
  • Transporting Customs X-ray trucks around Australia;
  • Exporting of bulk and palletized Wine products
  • Importing and Exporting of bulk and palletized Fertilizer products
  • Working within the Mining sector loading containers for Coal export
  • Importing of Government Aeronautical parts
  • Unpacking and moving the first Grandmother of Hummers into Australia and numerous other projects.


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